Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Is insanity for farmers a normal thing?  I received a message from my dear friend Maple at Northstar Alpacas a couple of weeks ago.  She was getting some alpacas brought to her farm.  She wanted to know if I wanted two of them.  For free.  Did she say Free? Yes!  First, anyone who knows me, knows I am always on the lookout for cheap (free is better). After processing the fact that I could get two more gorgeous fiber animals, for FREE, I had to stop and take a breath...and bat my eyes at Hubby.

I had questions for Maple that I needed to know before I jumped at this.  I wanted to be responsible.  First we have a very, very, small farm.  Would it work?  I found out in researching and asking Maple that they don't need a lot of space.  Second, how much do they eat?  What kind of care?  Remember, we struggled to get hay this year because of the drought.  I found out that they will probably be the cheapest animal we have on the farm to keep.  More eyelash batting to Hubby.  We found the extra hay we needed, (I guess the fourth cutting was good here in Michigan), and we told Maple YES!!

They came home, in our Suburban (Yes, I said our Suburban...inside it...not a trailer...two of them!) on Sunday.  They are a bit more skittish than I expected.  They are afraid of the goats.  But today all seems well and we are getting closer to them.  Although we have been hit with the "side" effects of hurricane Sandy, so the weather here is horrible and cold and windy.  We haven't been out as much today to get to know them.

I think I am going to start a 12 step program for farmers and their addictions...nah, life would be too boring!!!

So without further ado, we welcome Santana and Malachi to Tail Spin Farm!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday on the Farm

Remember this garage sale find?

 Well look at it now!  I am amazed at what a couple cans of paint can do for antique wicker furniture.
 Now I have my "nook" corner in our bedroom.

 I had to shear a lot of angora rabbits this summer due to the heat. I usually don't like to spin cut angora, we pluck most of ours for our homespun yarns. But, when I have to, I usually dye it and then run it through the drum carder.  Which is what I spun this week.  Here it is on my ball winder:
 This is after I plied it:  (I used the one ball above and plied it into 2 ply)
 Here it is on my needles.  The scarf should be done and in the shop today.  It is beautifully soft and colorful!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday on the Farm

It has been over a week since we took our fall trip to Mackinac Island and I hadn't even downloaded the pictures yet!  We had a wonderful time as usual.  The weather even cooperated for the most part.  We were looking at rain and snow for most of the time we were there, and really only had one day of on and off rain.  We biked and hiked for MILES and still, after 6 years of going up there, we were able to find new places that we had never seen. 
We saw snow going up and coming back, I have a feeling that winter is going to be much different than last year.  I can't wait!  We are all set here at the farm with extra hay that I never thought we would find due to the poor weather this year.  I did pay double for the bales, but I know that people in other parts of the country are paying so much more than that.
School has been in full swing and I am trying to keep it that way until Thanksgiving.  The Eldest has extra time off during that week, so we will be joining him and having some full family days.  That is one of the beauties of homeschool, we work around our schedule and not others.  We are still all adjusting to him being gone during the week.  He is still adjusting to the "real world" and finding out that he lives a pretty charmed life here. 
There are some possible exciting additions coming here to the farm, but I am going to keep you in suspense because they have not happened yet, nor am I positive they will either, I know most people already think we are crazy some days and this will just put us over the top.  Plus it is fun to keep you guessing!
I leave you with pictures from our trip and the farm.  Sorry about the quality, I used my phone on most of them.
Look closely you will see snow flakes!

The view from the front porch of the Windemere on Mackinac Island

View from the cliffs around the island

Trying to figure out my camera;0

Look close you will see our names and dates

silly camera...


Riding through the beautiful trails

Hubby showing off....

Pondering deep thoughts, or just trying to look like it!

My Sweetie

This is where hubby was climbing on the previous picture- Sugar Loaf

We look tired..we are!

Beautiful Color on the Island

More trails

Cool leaf patterns

Look closely, the Mackinaw Bridge is in the distance

Lunch...good thing we biked a lot

My new favorite game, Qwirkle

We heard the sunsets were beautiful lately, they were right!

Me and a couple of our bunnies

Daughter and too many of our cats...

Beautiful double rainbow

I found this on my camera...not sure if this was intentional or not...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color

I don't know about things where you are at, but here in Mid-Michigan the fall color is glorious this year.  It has something to do with the overly hot and dry summer.  What ever has caused it, it has my favorite season blazing with color.   We are heading to Mackinac Island tomorrow.  Rumor has it the color north is even more spectacular.  What are things like in your neck of the woods?