Is insanity for farmers a normal thing?  I received a message from my dear friend Maple at Northstar Alpacas a couple of weeks ago.  She was getting some alpacas brought to her farm.  She wanted to know if I wanted two of them.  For free.  Did she say Free? Yes!  First, anyone who knows me, knows I am always on the lookout for cheap (free is better). After processing the fact that I could get two more gorgeous fiber animals, for FREE, I had to stop and take a breath...and bat my eyes at Hubby.

I had questions for Maple that I needed to know before I jumped at this.  I wanted to be responsible.  First we have a very, very, small farm.  Would it work?  I found out in researching and asking Maple that they don't need a lot of space.  Second, how much do they eat?  What kind of care?  Remember, we struggled to get hay this year because of the drought.  I found out that they will probably be the cheapest animal we have on the farm to keep.  More eyelash batting to Hubby.  We found the extra hay we needed, (I guess the fourth cutting was good here in Michigan), and we told Maple YES!!

They came home, in our Suburban (Yes, I said our Suburban...inside it...not a trailer...two of them!) on Sunday.  They are a bit more skittish than I expected.  They are afraid of the goats.  But today all seems well and we are getting closer to them.  Although we have been hit with the "side" effects of hurricane Sandy, so the weather here is horrible and cold and windy.  We haven't been out as much today to get to know them.

I think I am going to start a 12 step program for farmers and their addictions...nah, life would be too boring!!!

So without further ado, we welcome Santana and Malachi to Tail Spin Farm!!

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