Friday on the Farm...a little late!

I have found myself so busy lately that I am slacking on blog posts!  We spent a lot of time in the past couple of months preparing our home and taking classes to get back into the foster care system!  Yes, we hope to add one or two (or however many God will give) more little rugrats to our brood.  Hubby and I did this almost 13 years ago now and decided with the kids being older it was time to jump back in before we get too old;)  We have completed the process and now are just waiting for that piece of paper to come in the mail to make it official. It has been a busy farm month also, as I have done a few craft fairs without much luck, but my online selling seems to have picked up as of lately so I am thankful for that! 

 The girlies were able to have their annual gingerbread house building party for friends.  Even though they are all older now they still enjoy it and I am amazed at the "structures" that come from graham crackers and frosting.  We had 10 girls here for that and you can see from the pictures it was a great day.

We have done the usual Christmas tree and simple decorating, but we are trying to keep it at that and keep the focus on Christ again this season.  It breaks my heart to watch the news these days, especially the "black Friday" debacle and wonder where we are headed in this nation.  We did not start out in our marriage this way, but I am thankful for my kiddos who understand why we have chosen to celebrate this time of the year.

We will be homeschooling right up until the 21st when oldest is done with college and will be home and then we will take a month off to spend time as a family.  I hope you and your family have a very blessed CHRISTmas season.

We wanted a Charlie Brown tree this year...this was a bit much for me!

We had to pretend to cut it, it was all ready for us!

Our attempt to keep Eldest here for the season...

I love this man dearly.

Turn your head;)

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