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Ranting and Raving

I usually try to keep the posts here on my blog home and family related.  Happy things like pictures of the kiddos and what they are up to or the random goofiness of our animals.  On most Friday mornings you will find pictures from the previous weeks and what we have been up to.

With the decisions being made in this country and the goofiness that went on yesterday in our "government" I have decided to post a non-politically correct rant.  I come by this rightly (Thank you Dad;)) although I don't often do it in public.

The decision made yesterday in this country is just a wee, small piece of the bigger problem.  Case in point, I was shopping at my "favorite" place, to flush Hubby's well earned money down the toilet, completely out of my own convenience (which is another post altogether).  I was in line at this super store, which by the way had to build a brand new store a couple of years back so that they could have more check out lanes, which they only open…

Friday Around the Farm

We are keeping busy with all that is going on around the farm these days.  The three oldest kiddos are gone for two weeks on a music tour with a local college.  They will spend this week at the college rehearsing for 6 hours or so a day and then they will start on tour Sunday and travel to churches in Michigan and Indiana.  I am soooo much missing them.  With three gone of the five the  house is so quiet.  
I had a batch of 8 angora babies born 5 weeks ago and slowly I have lost all of them.  The last one died yesterday.  I am not sure of what.  In the 7-8 years that I have been breeding angoras I have never had that happen.  Of course farm life is never dull and I went out early this morning to feed animals and found a surprise batch of five new angora babies healthy and strong.  We won't talk about why they are a surprise, lets just say that one naughty free range male (Moppet) escapes from his rabbit tractor and met up with a naughty free range female (Cole) and we caught them …

We Did It!!!

Our Eldest is officially graduated from our homeschool and we had a celebration Friday night.  I couldn't believe how many wonderful family and friends came to celebrated with us, I am guessing around 150 people although I am still too tired to try and count.  We had a wonderful night here at the farm with great food and fellowship.  Today we will have a church service in honor of him with some more family and friends.

The kids and I did some amazing work around the yard the last few weeks or so.  The things that keep getting put on the back burner over the years.  Our gardens are beautiful and oldest daughter has an amazing herb garden going on.  The veggies are doing wonderful, although we are very dry here in mid-Michigan right now.

It was so nice yesterday to sit out under the willow tree and just breathe.   I haven't been very good at that lately.  I plan on doing a lot of that this week.