Saturday, September 29, 2012


One of my fondest school memories (and there aren't too many) is from my fifth grade class project.  We made our very own puppets.  These were big, about 40 inches, and we got to create them how ever we wanted once the bodies were made.  We spent weeks on this project and I remember my Mom helping with the sewing.  When we finished our whole class put on a "muppet show" type play right before Christmas.  

I have kept my puppet all these years, she is about 30 years old now and showing her age a little bit, but she still sits in my closet.  I have made a couple of these over the years for gifts and one year we made them for our little homeschool group.

I have decided to make them again and put them on my etsy.  If you are interested in one, I will even personalize one for you (to the best of my ability!).  "Harriet" is for sale on my etsy or you can email me at


Shearing Goats

We sheared goat this last week.  I finished off the last ones today.  We do it ourselves, which can be interesting.  I learned how to shear by watching others do it.  I quickly found out that everyone has their own style and it is quite simple once you get the hang of it.  I use clippers that were recommended by the lady that we bought the goats from.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday on the Farm...just for my lil' sis

I had a note that my Friday's on the farm had been missed.  With school starting up and canning,  gardening and other various farm things being done, my time has been limited!  We are back into the full swing again and really are looking forward to a real Michigan winter.  Last year we experienced one of the warmest winters on record.  Our usual enjoyment of apples this fall is pretty much non-existent because of the weather and being the cheap skate that I am, I refuse to pay $10 a gallon for cider (at least for the good stuff grown right here).

I took another knitting class and finished up my mitten last night.  I am thrilled how quick and easy mittens are compared to the socks.  I know what I will be making for Christmas this year, hopefully out of angora yarn which will be super warm!

I will be teaching a couple more classes this fall, and doing a craft bazaar with my mother-in-law around the holidays.  I am still spinning and sending my yarn off to New York to be used by a designer there and that keeps me busy.

Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn had the Titanic Exhibit and the kids and I were able to go and see that this week.  It was amazing to me how much stuff they were able to pull out of the water after 80+ years and have it intact for the most part.  We saw hand-written letters, paper money and dishes that looked like they just came out of the cupboard.  There was a bottle that still contained olive oil in it!  It was really neat to see.  Of course there wasn't any photography allowed so there are no pictures to share.

Next week Hubby and I are off to Mackinaw Island to get away for a few days.  I am so looking forward to it and can't wait!
At the Henry Ford...Cam you will NEVER drive my car;)

Joshie finally caught red handed...

Bek's favorite part of the whole museum...

My finished mittens!!!

Mama, Daddy and Tiny Tim all back together again

Someone forgot to tell mama that spring is long gone. She hatch out another 11 chicks. That makes 22 this year.


My poor Alex minus her coat...

Tripp had the same hair appointment

Last of the meat birds for the year

Alex kisses

My new egg layers New Hampshire's and Delaware's 

Still in beautiful color

A rogue....something in my flower bed!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Garden, Canning and Life

I am trying to get every last bit of food out of the garden and canned this year before the weather turns, which looks like it could be this weekend.  I had high hopes for this years canning, but with 100+ degree temperatures a good part of the summer it was hard to maintain any plants.

Our green beans did real well and I have been canning those throughout.  Tomatoes have not done well at all, like in years past, but I have been able to get some sauce, soup, and salsa canned.  I am still hopeful that all the green ones in the garden will turn, if not I may be bringing them to the basement or doing some green tomato recipes.  The kids pick all the carrots yesterday.  I was quite certain that they weren't going to be worth the effort but when all was said and done I got 22 quarts canned last night and a huge bag in the fridge to eat fresh!  I need to go back out today to make sure none were missed in all the weeds that have done well out there the last couple of weeks.  Squash and pumpkins were late going in after replanting twice so I think I will be buying winter squash from the farmer down the road and hope his year was better than ours.

School is in full swing and it seems good to get back to a schedule around here.  Eldest is doing well at college, and called the other night to thank me for making him learn how to diagram sentences (yes, I made him and yes I LOVE diagramming).  He has actually been helping some of the other students. I think some of his worrying about heading to college was if homeschooling was enough.  From what I can tell talking to him this week, he isn't having any issues with the work load and that makes this "no-college" mom feel pretty good!

Hubby and I are praying about a big change for our family also.  We are considering getting back into foster care again.  I have wanted to for a couple of years, but my wise and much more grounded Hubby thought better of it at the time.  He brought it up a few months back, that maybe now was the time.  There are SO many children in the system it is amazing.  Would you believe Michigan is number 6 on the list of children in the foster system?  We are right behind states like California and New York.  You can look up your state here I found this information from Dalyn She has an amazing story herself and was interviewed on Hubby's radio show a couple of weeks ago.

So as we possibly head on this journey, knowing there is a lot of work to be put into it, we are excited.  It breaks my heart knowing there our so many kids that just grow up in the system and never get out.  It becomes a generational problem, with many of their kids going into it years later.  I am thankful that we were both raised in loving homes with great parents and our kids know what that means.  I also know there is more than enough love to go around in this house!

All of my kids love to cook

Homemade jalapeno poppers.  YUM!

Youngest got confused when I told him to "Pick the carrots"...