Friday on the Farm

With the sub-zero temperatures here in Michigan this week, I feel like my brain is in hibernation mode!  We have been spending a lot of time inside doing school and working on projects that we can be indoors with.  We continue to have these cold temperatures with very little snow in mid-Michigan. I think right now our total for the whole winter is less than 8 inches!  Every time I look at a weather map there seems to be a "hole" right over our town and everyone else is getting blasted with snow all around.  I admit, I do love a snowing winter, but beyond that we are really lacking in total rain/snowfall and could mean another rough year for crops and gardens.  Even the Great Lakes are starting to show sign of issues, some of them are low by many feet of water.

Two weeks ago today we got an email in the morning that our foster care license had been approved.  A little more than an hour later I received a call to take a 7 week old little boy.  Wow, talk about panic attack. Our license is for 0-5 years old, but we never imagined we would get such a wee little one.  He was here with us for 4 days and then was ordered back home.  As hard as it was to return him, I know this is exactly where God wants us right now.  We truly enjoyed every minute, even the every 3 hour feedings.  We are now patiently waiting for our next adventure.

Blacky Chan

Artist hard at work

scoring the game, I love this app on my phone

Quirkle on of my favorite games

Baby "R" getting a whole lotta lovin!

Beautiful sunrises

Daughters gift from a friend a "cowgirl fringe leather coat" she just needs that horse!
Bobbins full

Our "baby" yes that is the couch and yes she is spoiled

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