Friday on the Farm

Winter storm Q paid us a visit this morning.  We were only supposed to catch the tail end and get about 2", maybe 4" in isolated areas.  Well, they were wrong again and we ended up with a bit more here in mid-Michigan, considering we had green grass as of last night.  Who is naming these storms anyways?  They need a bit of creativity.

Speaking of creative, about a year ago I decided, due to some health issues, to go gluten free.  I haven't gone 100%, but I have lost close to 40 pounds (yes, just by doing this) and feel much better. My sister sent me a gluten free cookie recipe to try.  It has garbanzo beans in it.  Yup beans.  No flour, just beans.  I was skeptical, but there was also peanut butter and chocolate chips.  I am a huge peanut butter fan (Hubby almost had to buy stock in Jif during my first pregnancy) and chocolate speaks for itself to most of us.  So I decided to try them this morning. OH MY.  I am amazed that something like beans can be turned into something so sweet and yummy.  Oh, and there is only honey for the sweeter so no bad sugar.  The recipe can be found at Erin's blog Texanerin Baking (how cute and creative is her blog name?)  Even if you don't have to eat gluten free and want a recipe that is really healthy, but hits that sweet craving on the head I highly recommend these!

 My dear friend Jen asked if I would teach her how to make soap, so yesterday her and her boys were here and we whipped up 2 batches.  She was amazed how easy it was as long as you have all the supplies on hand.  She made a lavender to take home and I made my favorite almond biscotti.  I cut my block this morning.  Don't you just love the look of it?!

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