Full Week

As spring is just around the corner, we here in Michigan woke up to more snow on the ground! Another storm is heading our way Monday, and I think I am ready to move south. I love winter, but the past few have been late in getting going. No snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then when we are ready for warm weather we seem to get hit. We are ordering garden seeds this weekend, and have plans to convert an unused turkey pen into a greenhouse...as soon as the snow stops!

 I recently took the reins as Editor of a website for kids called Devo Kids It is for children 5-11 years and has all kinds of fun and information. I am looking for writers of all ages, especially kids who love to write. This is a perfect opportunity for you homeschoolers to get your kids work published! If you have any questions you can email me at renee@devokids.com

 We welcomed another little foster guy into our home again this week! He is 22 months old and so sweet. He will be with us for awhile as of right now. This little guy is VERY quiet for a 2 year old. His vocabulary is limited, even words like mom, dad, bye-bye just aren't there. He doesn't even seem to recognize his name at this point. Now with that being said, he is one smart cookie and picking up new things everyday. This is when I have to be careful of the wondering how home life was. We know some stuff. We know mom and dad are young and have many issues. We know that the relatives can't take him because of their issues. It breaks my heart to think that in our own adult selfishness we can bring lasting effects to the children we bring into this world. I am also filled with joy as I see things, and start hearing words come from his little voice, knowing we can make a difference no matter how long he is here. I hope mom and dad are able to get their acts together, in the mean time we are loving this little guy to death and having a blast with him in our home. Our youngest will be 12 in a couple of months so this is a big age jump for us. I enjoy seeing my older kiddos love on this little guy too.

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