Friday on the Farm (a bit late)

I have an amazing Hubby.  He spoils me rotten.  I have a very long "Honey, I think we should do this list".  Sometimes he puts his foot down (like when I wanted to sell everything we had and live in a cabin in the woods), but for the most part he enjoys most of the plans I come up with even with all the work involved.  He says he likes the farm work, it is de-stressor (is that a word?) from his hectic, stressful day job as a chemist.

We had an extra turkey pen sitting empty (after my grand plans of raising and selling heritage breed turkeys went, well, south).  I decided it would be perfect to enclose with plastic and make a greenhouse.  The girls and I were just going to go out there and staple plastic to the frame and call it good.  Hubby thought it best if he did a bit more that that, and oh boy did he!  It is awesome!  He even built shelves for us.  It is on the south side of our barn with lots of sunlight so it is perfect.  We  have all of our starters going, which is going to save a lot of money in just the cost of plants.  I am hoping we can use it a good part of the year too.

Not only did he do that this week, he also fenced in more land for the goats and pacas'!!! They were so happy rolling in the grass today.  With the 7" of rain we had in the last 2 weeks of April (yes 7!) their area was pretty much dried mud.  We are hoping to close off a section and replant.

Alex-look at all the curly locks!
I LOVE pallets, they are free and SO useful, this is the second pallet gate we have at the farm!

Now remember, we do all of our farming on just an acre of land!  Isn't it amazing what you can do with a small amount?

As you can see from the pictures the goats and alpacas all need to be sheared, which will be happening soon here.  Tomorrow though I go to my dear friend, Maple's alpaca farm and help them with shearing her herd.  I can't wait!  I love doing farm work too!

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Friday on the Farm