Real Life

I started reading a book last night and it talked about other people's impressions of our lives.  What people may see (or assume)in our lives on the outside is perfection, but real life happens.  I am as guilty as the next person.  I love to go through blogs or Pinterest to be inspired by others, and then what happens is discontentment in my own life or what I have been blessed with.  Hubby also got me thinking last night about enjoying what we have now.  Our dream is to move to a lake some day.  That maybe all it ever is, a dream.  Both of us come from families that are "planters". Our folks have both lived in the same houses for 40+ years.  This is our 3rd home and this probably will be it for us too, but, it still is fun to dream. Now I have been told that I always have it together.  I just have to laugh, because right now it is 10 a.m. and I am still in my p.j.'s. Don't get me wrong,  I have been up for hours, worked on 2 website and did some social media, got the littles breakfast, dressed and around, did outside animal chores (Yes, in my p.j.'s, oh, what the neighbors must think!) but sometimes my creative spirit gets in the way of things like showers and getting dressed. That's okay!

When I look at my life and all the stuff I have going on and have to accomplish, I often think about getting rid of things that are unnecessary.  The hand-spinning, fiber animals, crocheting, knitting, soap making, lost arts kind of things could all go.  But God created me to be, well, creative.  Look around at the beauty of the world, do you expect anything less from Him? But, to be able to accomplish all that I do, I sometimes slack on the everyday stuff.  So please don't ever stop by without warning me first (just kidding)! Just don't be surprised if this is some of the stuff you see from this wife, homeschool mom of 5, foster mom of 2, creative-overflow farm chick.

There is laundry on the table, the bed isn't made, toys on the floor, my desk is, desk, the last three pictures are our "spare 'oom" it doesn't typically look this bad, but I am sorting through curriculum to start homeschool in a couple of weeks and I only get chunks of time to do this right now.  One of those pile is papers for two of the older kids to get into the transcripts for last year.  Don't worry I will finish it before we start this year...maybe.  But I know where everything is!

I hope my Mom, or Mom-in-love doesn't see this, and I am sure Grandma Great is turning over in her grave right now.  Sorry Gram, but this is Real Life!

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