End of Summer

We are trying to soak in every last bit of summer we can this year.  We have spent time fishing with friends, playing tennis, and the usual gardening and canning that come at this time of the year. I say this every year, the older I get the quicker time goes.  We still have our 2 year old foster son, but unfortunately the powers that be decided to move our 2 year old girl to a relatives home.  It was hard on all of us.  That will be the thing that I never get used to. Kids coming in and out of our home.  I do still see her a couple times a week on my visitation run (another thing I struggle with).  She is doing well, but last night decided she wanted to come home with me and was very upset she couldn't, again something that breaks my heart.

When Hubby and I were dating and in our early marriage, we spent almost every evening playing tennis with my family.  My Dad, brother-in-law, and sisters would all join in the fun.  We haven't done it in years. To be honest we all got old. LOL.  Our kids are NOT sport kids.  We have done the soccer, dance, bowling, baseball thing over the years with all of them, but nothing ever stuck with any of them.  They are much more into their music and all play instruments and sing.  This last week Hubby wanted to do something, so decided to take them all out to try tennis.  They loved it, even two of our boys who just don't get into sports.  We had a blast and have spent a couple of days at the courts in the last week. I even got in on some of the fun and smoked my "big boys" a couple of times!  

The last week in our small town we saw 5 or 6 unexpected deaths of people under the age of 45. Three because of car accidents, including a 7 year old little boy. One to health issues, and unfortunately one was my cousin who took his own life.  A 42 year old dad of 5 kids and the 7 year old were both in our local foster care system. The little guys was adopted within the system family and the dad had three adopted children through the system and his wife was the one who trained us for our license.  It has been a sad week of the question "Why?" rolling through my head many times. 

Spend time with your family this weekend and love on them, because you never know when your time here is up.

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