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New Life on the Farm

Seven English Angora bunnies were born at the farm yesterday!  This is the first batch for many months (not without trying).  This batch came from Kiree and Cyrus, who is in the picture below. He is the cutest rabbit.  It looks like all the babies will be grey!


The laundry quickly piles up these days,
the garden seeds are still in the box, 
dishes stack up fast,

there are toys strewn throughout this entire house,
but we sure are enjoying this little guy. 
He and I both have come down with the "crud" this weekend.  Not something that is wanted or needed right now with everything going on.  We are taking it easy today and hoping we are feeling better by tomorrow.

Ladies Luncheon

To all my friends in mid-Michigan!  Tail Spin Farm will be having a booth at the ladies luncheon at Clifford Lake Inn, Stanton, Michigan in April!  We did this back in November for their winter luncheon and had a wonderful time.  Gather some friends and come join us for lunch and shopping.

Garden Plans

I am really, really wanting to get my hands dirty. Honest I do!  I am longing to work in the yard this year.

Getting muck boots on and not winter boots.  Throwing on flip flops to go outside.  Not having to put on three layers to keep warm.  Carrying buckets of hot water out to the animals because everything is frozen (when my doc. asks if I have a workout program, does this count?)

It has been a long winter here folks.  Just cold and grey most of the season.  I am usually a huge fan of winter.  But the calendar says it is spring and I am ready.

We woke up this morning to another dusting of snow on the ground, again.  The last two days have been bitter cold, and blustery.  The kind of weather that makes it miserable to even be out in for a few minutes.

The pictures above are from last year.  This is where we are still at this year:
Last year at this time we were experiencing 70-80 degree weather.  Welcome to Michigan!  You really don't know what you are in for!

Full Week

As spring is just around the corner, we here in Michigan woke up to more snow on the ground! Another storm is heading our way Monday, and I think I am ready to move south. I love winter, but the past few have been late in getting going. No snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then when we are ready for warm weather we seem to get hit. We are ordering garden seeds this weekend, and have plans to convert an unused turkey pen into a soon as the snow stops!

 I recently took the reins as Editor of a website for kids called Devo Kids It is for children 5-11 years and has all kinds of fun and information. I am looking for writers of all ages, especially kids who love to write. This is a perfect opportunity for you homeschoolers to get your kids work published! If you have any questions you can email me at

 We welcomed another little foster guy into our home again this week! He is 22 months old and so sweet. He will be with us for awhile as of righ…

Friday on the Farm - In Video

I decided since there is snow on the ground covering the dirt and mud of the farm, I would do a video tour today.  Sorry about the video quality. I didn't realize it until it downloaded that it was a bit fuzzy, but too cold to go back out!