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Nature Walk Wednesday


Farm Visit and Antique Shopping

Today my friend Meg from The Coop came to visit our little farm. She is doing a Michigan tour of all of the small hobby farms she can this summer. We had so much fun and her boys are adorable. She got to see how our little one acre farm is set up and runs. She is new to "farming" and so she hopes to gather as much information along the way to help her on her journey. It sounds like she already has a great start with goats, chickens and a garden. What more could a farm girl want than maybe a few more goats...or chickens;0

My sisters and I did our annual "sister's shopping trip" this past Saturday. We spent the day wandering the streets of Marshall, Michigan. What a neat little town! Tons of history and lots of little shops with unique and cute things in them! I bought one thing which was an antique yarn winder. I haven't figured out how old it is, but I am thinking early 1900's. I don't know where I am going to put it, but fell in love …

Blog Neglect

With so much happening around the farm lately I have severely neglected the blog and I have missed doing it!  We are still doing foster care had have 2-2 year olds that I refer to kindly as the "Tribbles"  They are loads of fun and a lot of work.  I just went to court for one of them this morning and my heart breaks everytime I have to do that.  Just to listen to the junk some people have in their lives is too much for me.  One of them has both mom and dad incarcerated right now.  Sad.  But they are here, well feed, loved, and included in all we do.  Time will tell what is going to happen with both of them.  The most frustrating thing about all of this it the system.  I won't even get started, but it is so messed up and these poor littles get caught in the middle of it all.

On a happier note the garden is in, the animals are sheared (that was quite the adventure this year see picture below...) and I am working on getting some interest in our little farm here by way of cr…