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Angora Jewelry

I continue to try and expand my yarn business beyond the yarn, hats and scarves. Angora is warm, very warm. Like 7 times warmer than wool. I have tried to create some different ways to wear angora year round with out sweating under a hat or scarf. The newest item I have in my etsy shop is a crochet cuff bracelet. It is 100% hand raised rabbits, and made right here at our small farm by me. I also have unique spun necklaces that I will be putting back into my shop. These vary in color, length, pendant, and beads, but they are all beautiful and fun to wear year round!

It's Still Winter

I look at the previous post and have to laugh because not much has changed in three months. We are still in the midst of a hard winter. The hardest that I can remember. We are still in single digits for the high temps for the day. It has made everything harder, chores, going out, even getting out of bed becomes difficult. Usually by this time of the year we have ordered chicks, planted seeds and started cleaning up the yard. I haven't even opened up the seed catalog this year because I am just not in the mood.

This face has brought some sunshine to our winter. Meet Willow the Wonder Pup! The newest addition to the farm. Our lab has had a rough winter and it has taken a toll on the poor dog. Friends of ours had a batch of border collies and we decided to bite the bullet and get her.
We are still in the midst of doing foster care. We have had four children in our home in the last year. We have a 2 year old with us now. Three have come and gone. It is an emotionally exhausting busine…