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Saturday Morning on the Farm

This winter feels like it is never going to end. The ten day forecast doesn't look promising either. I have never been one who longs for going to a tropical island for a vacation, but that has changed this year. If Hubby comes home and said he bought us tickets for a cruise, I would be packed within the hour! The weather has made it difficult to do anything outside or even think about spring stuff that needs to be done around here.  We have another senior graduating this year! Our second son, Cameron will be finishing out his homeschool career and heading for his next great adventure. We have stuck with the tradition that Hubby and I had which is an open house. Eldest son's went off without a hitch a couple years ago and I am hoping for the same for this one. But, it is the first week of June, after this winter I'm concerned we could still have snow! There is still a ton to be done outdoors, but we are slowing getting it going. I am hopeful that Michigan will behave the w…