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New Babies on the Farm...Finally!

It has been over a year without a successful batch of Angora rabbits here at the farm, and not without trying! We just haven't had any success breeding the last year. I purchased three new bunnies a few weeks ago in hopes of expanding, but they won't be ready to breed for a while yet.  This rabbit was one of the last young ones from my pedigreed angoras and we finally had seven babies born yesterday!

Farm Tour

This week we had our first ever Tail Spin Farm tour! We had 47 kids plus about 15 adults come to our farm to learn about our fiber animals, spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving and all things fiber. They were here for about 4 hours and the kids ranged in ages from kindergarten to 5th grade. Our family had an amazing time having the kids ask questions and trying to spin on the wheels and drop spindles. We hope to do it again soon!