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Friday on the Farm

Hopefully now that I'm back in blogger land this will be more of a regular occurrence. I love looking at old photos as I sit here to share today's with you. I see how much my kiddos have grown, how the farm has morphed, and all those great memories we sometimes forget about on a daily basis.  Getting ready for our second sons open house this last spring was especially difficult for me, again one of the season things. I kept thinking back to all the things I didn't do with the kids when they were younger.  Hubby's tradition has been making awesome photo videos to go along with vacations, end of the years and kids graduations. He did that for this son also. We were watching the finished project before the open house and I was simply amazed and my spirit entirely lifted by just watching that video. It was a reminder to me of all the things we did accomplish in his 18 years, and were there ever a ton of things we did.  Spend time today enjoying those memories of seasons pa…

New Season

As we are quickly transitioning into a new season here in the middle of the Michigan mitt, life continues to quickly change also. As I look back over the last 3 years or so we have had 2 kids graduate and one move to college.The third child turned 18 and started a college class to finish out her final year of homeschool. The next daughter is going to be turning 16 soon and our "baby" is almost as tall as his dad and turned 13 this past summer. All of them in high school. I feel as if I blinked and the five kids that were ages 7 down to newborn, morphed into what they are today. In that time we spent almost two years in the foster care system and had four children ages 2 and under come into our home for some amount of time. We are so thankful for that time and those kids (not all of them were good experiences for our family). One in particular has become a "grandson" to us and even though he went home after 10 months here with us, we still see him weekly and are abl…