Tail Spin Farm Tuesday

There is a lot happening on the farm these days. Whether it be three adult kids in the house (some only on weekends:(), trying my best to get my fiber, yarn and jewelry line up and running, or just everyday stuff (the most important) like homeschooling the 2 youngest, laundry that seems to multiply hourly, or food...oh the food that goes through this house!  I have written a couple of magazine articles and have submitted one of them, now just waiting to hear back.  My Tuesday afternoons are spent in East Lansing while our daughter is taking her first college class. I am working seriously on my jewelry line right now. Trying to figure out creative marketing (I've got some ideas up my sleeve), how to get my name out there, and make some money as we go along. This blog is in the process of being completely redone right now by a dear young friend of mine. I can't wait to see it finished.
White Angora on my wheel

Grey angora getting ready to be packaged

The view out my office window

Crocheted Angora cuff bracelets 

Baubles, beads and trinkets

I create best in a mess...

Grey fiber fresh off a rabbit today, ready to spin....tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!

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