First Annual Funny Pajama Day!

With the kids quickly getting older, I am trying to come up with some new family traditions that work for our growing family (and hopefully beyond someday:)) I declared today our first annual funny pajama day. What makes it funny? Well each person received a new pair of pj's fitting to their personality.  Hubby's is self explanatory and boy does he fit the "superman" title! Mine say "Super Mom", Eldest is "I have a piano and I'm not afraid to use it", Next is "Real Men Love Cats", #1 D is I'm and Artist (spelled backwards) Your rules don't apply", #2 D says "I'd rather be reading" and youngest says "No, I will not fix your computer" 
We had so much fun with this today! I encourage everyone out there to get creative and not discouraged with the ever changing seasons of your own family!


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