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Friday on the Farm ~ My Crazy Life

I am pretty sure reality TV shows are birthed out of lives like mine. Over the last four years we have gutted and remodeled a huge portion of our farmhouse, graduated three children from homeschool, became foster parents to four children under 2 years old, started a daycare to continue care for two of these kiddos and expanded the daycare to include others that are in our care still today. All the while keeping up with our small farm, Hubby's day job changing and growing and his radio ministry continuing. Crazy. There really is no other word that explains it better. Somewhere along the way I lost parts of myself that I truly love. Simple things like baking and cooking, making things, crocheting and knitting, even my spinning of yarn from our animals became tedious because there was always something else. God has a way of answering prayers in the least likely of ways.
Yup, that is a lock box. Yup, we're selling the farm. In the last 6 weeks we spotted a lake house for sale whil…