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Another Video for Homeschooling ~ Codebreakers

I found this video series on Amazon this week and we decided to take a look at them. These are short videos, around 30 minutes each. I would recommend them for kids in upper elementary or older, although if you have a child that is intrigued with secret codes this might work for them too. I really like these videos because I feel like I can hit history and science all at the same time (and maybe even a little math!) They pick an event in history, like the enigma machine used during the end of WWI and into WWII and expand on it. I could see a whole unit being developed around these short videos by using the time in history or having your children make up their own secret code to share with friends and family!

This is what Amazon had to say about them:

Codebreakers: The Science of Secrecy brings to life the hidden history of codes and code breaking. Since the birth of writing, there has also been the need for secrecy. The story of codes is the story of the intellects who used mathematics…

Angora Bunny For Sale

I still have one pedigreed angora rabbit for sale. He was born February 28, 2016. Email me if you have questions

Homeschooling through Chaos...Using Videos for School

I was so excited to start homeschooling this year. With having successfully graduated three kids and having the last two in high school I thought it would be a piece of cake after 14+ years of doing this. Then chaos life hit fast and hard and what I thought would be my easiest year yet, became my most difficult. It started with unexpectedly deciding to sell our house in July and went from there. Between getting a house ready to sell, getting rid of farm animals that you can't take with you, an engagement and wedding that we had less than 10 weeks to prepare for and hubby's job situation suddenly becoming unknown after almost 27 years with the same company, I'd say I've deserved many "Calgon take me away" moments.

We did go into the school year knowing some of this was going to happen so we started back to school in August to prepare for the move. That's the beauty of homeschooling, you can work around the unexpected life things that do happen in all our l…

We've Moved!

After almost 10 long months of waiting and a failed sale of our home, we finally took the plunge and moved to the lake house! We are still waiting for our little farm to sell but have had enough interest in it to know that it won't be long. The "spring" weather in Michigan has been less than helpful. We have had snow on and off the last week. Which has put a damper on some of the moving and spring planning that we would like to start here. Although being this late in the year we thought we would have to wait to enjoy the fireplace but we have enjoyed it every day so far.

I am still struggling to figure out what this little piece of heaven we have been blessed with will look like for me. The farm was filled with stuff. We had goats, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and mini ponies. A large garden, a small orchard of fruit trees and canning filled my summer months. I made soap, cheese and made most food from scratch. Some of that won't change and I will c…