Another Video for Homeschooling ~ Codebreakers

I found this video series on Amazon this week and we decided to take a look at them. These are short videos, around 30 minutes each. I would recommend them for kids in upper elementary or older, although if you have a child that is intrigued with secret codes this might work for them too. I really like these videos because I feel like I can hit history and science all at the same time (and maybe even a little math!) They pick an event in history, like the enigma machine used during the end of WWI and into WWII and expand on it. I could see a whole unit being developed around these short videos by using the time in history or having your children make up their own secret code to share with friends and family!

This is what Amazon had to say about them:

Codebreakers: The Science of Secrecy brings to life the hidden history of codes and code breaking. Since the birth of writing, there has also been the need for secrecy. The story of codes is the story of the intellects who used mathematics, linguistics, machines, gut instinct, logic and detective work to encrypt and break these secret messages and the effect their work has had on history.

Here is the link to the page at Amazon:

Count it ALL joy!

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