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Spring and New Life

A year ago tomorrow we moved to our dream house on a lake. I won't lie to you, it hasn't been an easy transition. I miss the farmhouse and the amazing little farm we created. I miss my goats and turkeys, and big garden. Heck, I even miss my two grouchy alpacas. But, I've realized the last few weeks that "Being a farmgirl is not about where you live, but how you live." -mary janes farm, holds so much truth. I don't have to stop doing the things that bring me so much joy just because we changed zip codes.

Spring was always a new beginning for the farm. It was usually when I tried to time my angora bunnies to be born, although not always successful because of the Michigan weather(It's snowing here today). New chicks also became part of our spring agenda. Well, as you can see our first batch of bunnies was successful and next week I plan on heading down to the feed store to pick up 4 or 5...or 6 chicks for egg layers. We brought 5 hens with us to the lake and …